Agriculture & Equestrian Law

3469Agriculture and equestrian operations are not only a huge sector of economic growth, but they are also a way of life for many of Florida and Pennsylvania’s citizens. Mr. Schneck was raised on a Pennsylvania farm within the Chesapeake watershed, where he spent several years implementing nutrient management plans and delivering hay to Amish farmers and horse owners throughout the state. Today, Mr. Schneck applies his real-life experiences to assist farmers and equestrians in protecting their economic interests and quality of life. Most notably, Mr. Schneck recently assisted the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in securing approvals for Winter Equestrian Festival’s arena expansion. The Winter Equestrian Festival, located in Wellington, Florida, is twelve weeks of intense competition for more than six million dollars in prize money among 5,000 horses and 2,800 riders from all fifty United States and thirty-one countries around the globe.

Utilizing these experiences, Schneck Legal is capable of handling numerous issues related to agricultural and equestrian activities, including but not limited to:

Right to Farm Acts
Clean and Green Tax Assessment Programs
Regulatory compliance and enforcement actions
The Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (“TMDL””) Watershed Implementation Plans (“WIPs”)
Regulations of concentrated animal feeding operations (“CAFOs”)
Implementations of new federal, state and local air and water quality regulations
Federal, state and local permitting approvals for buildings and other structures
Regulation of agricultural and equestrian activities in wetlands and waters of the United States
Business/corporate formation & organization
Livestock and horse purchase and sales agreements
Crop and livestock insurance claims
Biofuels and alternative energy production
Organic and genetically modified organisms labeling requirements, animal identification and other crop and livestock labeling and marketing restrictions
Food safety and security requirements
Regulatory & Permitting

Schneck Legal compliments its Agricultural & Equestrian Law practice with in-depth knowledge of the related regulatory frameworks surrounding farming and equestrian operations in Florida and Pennsylvania. Mr. Schneck knowledge of state and federal environmental permitting, local land use and development approvals, and the local, state and federal building regulations, is invaluable when preparing permit applications, combating municipal overreach or litigating against third party challengers.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Schneck Legal is capable of prosecuting and defending claims arising from agricultural and equestrian operations, and effectively negotiating those claims when necessary. Inevitably, these types of claims will need the expertise from qualified architects, engineers, licensed contractors, scientists, and other appropriate professionals to substantiate or defend against a claim. Through his previous experiences, Mr. Schneck has developed relationship with numerous qualified and knowledgeable consultants to enlist if such expert opinion is necessary. Mr. Schneck also has extensive experience in establishing, and leading teams of experts and consultants in defense or prosecution of such claims.

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